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Joining Staff

Christ's word still hold true in our day and never as much when we consider the state of the college campuses as they are today. One online source states that there are over 15 million students in our nation's universities.

At the heart of Cru is obedience to the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, and we believe that happens by reaching tomorrow's leaders - college students. We believe in God's soverignty and His sufficiency to fulfill His will. With that said, that still leaves much work left undone and untended to with the laborers being always few. Is it possible that God is calling you to work the harvest? Could it be that God is answering our prayer for more laborers through your very own participation?

We pray and hope that all will prayerfully respond to God' call and will for their lives. If God is leading you to consider joining with Cru, here are some things to help you get started.

Staff & Intern Opportunities

Opportunities are abundant for working with KCCC in the New York area. However, there is a formal process and timeline. We've provided some material here to give you a better picture of what it means to join KCCC. And we understand that making the decision to join short-term or long-term for the work of ministry can be a challenging process. So we're also providing some resourcees on discerning God's will, talking about joining ministry with your parents, and the whole scoop on support raising.

If you are interested, please contact Grace GSN (