Higher Calling Conference

Higher Calling is a conference where God has time and time again blessed and challenged young people to live a life beyond what they can imagine and see what only God can accomplish.

It is a gathering for passionate students from all across America. Believing that God longs to do something extraordinary in this generation, the entire event will focus on the vastness of God, calling students to WORSHIP, PRAYER, and COMMITMENT. So don’t hesitate to join us as The Light: Higher Calling 2015 promises to yet again be not just a powerful experience, but a life-changing one as well.

Sports Day

Sports Day is an annual athletic event held in October where teams from all the campuses in the NY/NJ/Boston regions get together to compete in various games such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, and more.


Gethsemane is held every Friday, 52 weeks a year. All campuses come together to join in worship, the word and to intercede in prayer for their schools and the nations. For location and start time, please check our facebook for weekly announcements.


Prayer is the centerpiece of our Gethsemane Prayer meetings. We believe that as we pray, God is moved. Come pray with us and intercede for your family, your campus and the world!


The chief end of man is to glorify God. Join us as Resound leads worship, lifting up the name of Jesus, the name above all names.


Each week biblical teaching and application of God's Word is shared.