Dong Whan Kim & Jung Sook Kim

What campuses are you serving this coming year?

Dong Whan Kim - "NY Director"

Jung Sook Kim - "Colombia"

Where did you go to school as a student?

Dong Whan Kim - "Seoul National University"

Jung Sook Kim - "KWU"

What is one interesting fact about yourself?

Dong Whan Kim - "Soccer Lover"

Jung Sook Kim - "Good in interior design"

What countries have you been on in missions with KCCC?

Dong Whan Kim - "China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Mongolia, Philippines, Turkey, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Kazakstan, India, South Africa, Mexico, Myanmar, Vietnam, England, Rusia."

Jung Sook Kim - "Thailand, China, Laos, Philippines"